We very carefully choose our kittens’ new families and need every bit of information from you in order to do that. Pictures are also welcome. It helps us get a better idea of the people who contact us and it helps us trust them more this way.

Leave us a message and we’ll contact you as soon as possible ♥


I am so proud to introduce my very traditional line breed in my cattery from 2022,both parents don't carry color point gene at all.

traditional line is also lower hypoallergy than other siberian line.

On photo: KING of our cattery(Play To Win) and Breeder/Owner of cattery (Jing)

On photo: Diploma of Pet Psychology for Breeder/Owner of cattery (Jing)

We are a small family run cattery of Siberian cats located in Great London since we start in 2019  . All kittens are avaliable to ship to the world . My name is Jing and I’m the owner and the breeder of the cattery. All my cats registered with the World Cat Federation, Germany (WCF) , and The International Cat Association, USA (TICA) .

I engaged in breeding with the beautiful large round eyes; big heavy bones, round head, width muzzle, strongly legs, and an equally large full tail ; fluffy coats; and the most affectionate personality Our graduates live with respected and responsibility owners throughout the world 

On photo: cattery registration certificate under owner name (Jing)

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Address:  Flaming Phoenix Siberian Londonsib Forest Cattery, Worcester Park, London 

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