Flaming Phoenix Cattery is a family run boarding cattery which provides the highest standard of care for our clientele and cats. Cattery was established in 2018. It is a place where you can leave your cats with complete peace of mind, knowing they will be provided with a secure, hygienic and comfortable stay which is sensitive to all of their needs. We are animal lovers with pedigree cats ourselves and promise to care for your pets as if they were our own.

We are located on the border of the London Borough of Sutton and Surrey within easy access of the M25 and M23 motorways, linking you to both Gatwick and Heathrow airports. The cattery is set in our beautiful woodland garden, offering peace and tranquillity for our guests. The cats have views into the garden and woodland and can enjoy the entertainment of the varied wildlife around them. We encourage you to settle your cats into their accommodation so that you know they are happy, comfortable and secure before you leave them in our care.

Flaming Phoenix是一家家庭经营的寄宿猫舍,在2018年成立, 为我们的客户和猫咪提供最高标准的护理。在这个地方,您可以让您的猫完全放心,因为我们为它们提供安全、卫生和舒适的住宿,并且能提供他们的专业心理需求和行为纠正。我们是西伯利亚森林猫的繁育者,并承诺会像对待我们自己的宠物一样照顾您的宠物。

我们位于萨顿和萨里伦敦自治市的边界,方便前往 M25 和 M23 高速公路,便于到盖特威克机场和希思罗机场。猫舍位于我们美丽的林地花园中,为我们的客人提供和平与安宁。猫可以欣赏到花园和林地的景色,并可以享受周围各种野生动物的娱乐。我们鼓励您将您的猫安置在它们的住所中,以便在您将它们交给我们照顾之前知道它们是快乐、舒适和安全的。


We are a small cattery , accept up tp 5 cats, they will stay inside of our house, but they will be seperated in different rooms during the night, in day time they will play in the living room.

我们是一家 小型猫舍,最多接受5只猫咪, 毛孩子白天在客厅玩耍, 晚上会分开在不同地方入睡. 

​Price价格 (from May 2022 2022年五月开始)

1 cat                                               £15.00 per day

2 cats of the same family sharing       £30.00 per day

3 cats of the same family sharing       £42.00 per day

4 cats of the same family sharing       £55.00 per day

5 cats of the same family sharing       £68.00 per day

Special Price for our offspring cats only ,it cost £10.00 per cat per day.(我们自己繁育的后代每只每天10磅

Prices include cat litter( woodpellets) only 以上所有价格只包含木屑猫沙

A full days boarding is charged for the days of arrival and departure as remain vacant for disinfection between boarders. Less than 3 days boarding is permissible but there is a minimum stay fee of £42. 50% of full payment must be made on the cat’s arrival at the Flaming Phoenix Cattery and the rest of 50% of full payment must be made on the collection day. we accept cash only

抵达以及离开的日子各收取一整天的寄宿费用,因为我们需要为清洁消毒留出足够时间。少于3 天的寄养按照最低住宿费为 42英镑收取。 50%的全额寄养费必须在猫到达火凤凰猫舍时支付,其余的50%的寄养费将在离开日支付。只接受现金



Deposits are none refundable , 3working days before of the full boarding 


Boarding Conditions 入住条款
  • For the wellbeing of all boarders, cats must be fully immunised against Cat Flu and Feline Enteritis as a minimum requirement

  • A cat’s first course of vaccinations me be completed not less than two weeks before they come to stay

  • An up to date vaccination certificate must be produced prior to admittance to the cattery

  • All cats must be treated against fleas and worms before entering the cattery

  • In the case of illness of suspected illness we will consult a veterinary practice. Costs for any treatment required will be added to the cost of the cat’s stay

  • For the protection of other boarders, we reserve the right to refuse to board any animal that we consider is unfit, or unsuitable for boarding. We want all our boarders to be as happy and well as possible.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot board male cats over five months old that have not been neutered (special arrangement may be possible)

  • We recommend that you bring your cats to the cattery in a secure carrier which can be stored on the premises

  • The minimum charge is 3 days and the day of arrival and day of departure is charged.

  • During peak times two weeks’ notice is required for cancellations, otherwise the 3 days minimum say will be charged.

  • Payment is strictly on the day of collection

  • If you are at all unsure or have any additional questions please do not hesitate to call.

  • If medication needs to be administered, this will be undertaken provided the animal accepts the medication without resistance, and that it can be administered by one of our non-veterinary members of the family.

  • Before admittance to the cattery cats must have received a flea treatment within one Month of arrival and wormed within three Months. All male cats over five months old must be neutered.

  • 为了所有寄养小猫咪的安全

  • 猫主人在进入猫舍前,必须提供猫咪的有效的英国兽医认可的疫苗手册和有效的体内体外驱虫,并且保证猫猫自身健康和不携带任何传染疾病, 在疑似疾病的情况下,我们将咨询兽医。所需的任何治疗费用将添加到猫的住宿费用中,为了保护其他寄养猫猫安全,我们有权利拒绝寄养任何我们认为不适合或不适合寄宿的小猫。我们希望我们所有的寄养的小家伙都尽可能快乐和健康。

  • 我们不接受任何 5 个月以上未绝育的公猫(可能有特殊安排--我们将猫放在特殊安全笼中饲养,定时出来玩耍 )

  • 预约留位费用,收取四十二磅,3天以内取消,留位费不退还。

  • 寄养最低收费为 3 天,并按抵达日和离开日收取费用。

  • 在猫咪抵达当天主人需支付押金,押金为寄养全部费用的50%,接猫咪当天在另外支付剩余的 50%。

  • 如果需要上驱虫药,由我们的非兽医家庭成员之一给药。 在进入猫舍之前,猫必须在到达后的一个月内接受跳蚤治疗并在三个月内驱虫。所有五个月以上的公猫都必须绝育。

  • 请猫主按时接猫猫, 如不能在预定的结束当天接猫猫,请提前七天告知我们, 如果未告知我们,并且没有预定时间接猫猫 , 我们将保留猫猫五天,五天之后,我们将按弃养处理,为猫咪找新家。 

  • 我们不接受任何口头上的预约猫舍留位和寄养支付信息, 如未按时收到预约费和饲养费, 我们将取消您的预约位置和小猫按照弃养处理