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​The allergy sitting is approximately a half hour and you will get to meet some of my siberian cats depending who is available , It a great opportunity to find out about the breed also, I do charge 35 pounds for the sitting, this cost would be refunded if at some point you booked a kitten.

most allergies erupt after twenty mins – and then wait twenty four hours after to be sure there is no adverse effect.

Colourpoint cat makes more allergy then full colour cat? 

It does not make any difference for allergens whether the cat is a boy or girl colourpoint of full colour.

Sometime this Service is temporary not available, please contact me for confirm.  


People often ask us if Siberians are best as indoor or outdoor cats. We do not require that your kitten is kept indoors but you should carefully assess your area before you decide what sort of access you give them to the outdoors. Siberian cats are great hunters and love to explore the great outdoors, chase the bugs, however, the road can be a very dangerous place and ticks can be dangerous too. We believe that as new owners, you will know your area better than us and will know whether it is safe for your kitten.

Many of our kitten owners don’t like to let them roam so a secure outdoor enclosure, a secured garden or a balcony enclosed with clear cat mesh can be a nice compromise for your kitty.


Veterinary Checks--Your kitten will have had a health checks from a vet. 

Vaccinations--Fully vaccinated and have a Vaccination Card.

Purchase Agreement--A receipt is provided and a Purchase Agreement will be signed with you.

Info Pack--A comprehensive information pack will be sent to you before you collect your kitten to help you prepare for your new arrival with advice and guidance to enable your kitten to settle in quickly.

Neutering--All kittens going to pet homes will be neutered.

Registration--Your kitten will be registered with TICA (The International Cat Association).

Microchip--Kittens will be microchipped and paperwork will be provided.

Pedigree--A onlin generation pedigree will be supplied.


we are not a large commercial cattery, breeding and showing our beautiful Siberian kittens is our family hobby and we both work in the city. Our cats live freely with us in our home as part of our family, in love and care. Every kitten that is raised in our home, we love from first breath. Our kittens are well socialized to all kinds of sights and sounds to make sure you have a well adjusted family member. We feed our cats a superior, premium cat food and natural foods. In this way, we succeed in raising the most lovable siberians with a calm temperament, non-aggressive behavior, and a nature for cuddling with you!  


In order to avoid any misunderstandings, kitten reservation is not confirmed until we receive a reservation deposit of £400.

The deposit will be deducted from the final purchase price at the time of the adoption. 

Although we do accept deposits, we cannot guarantee the selection of a particular kitten until after 8 or 9 weeks from birth, as we need to evaluate the quality, gender, health, character and development of each of them.

DELIVERY OF KITTENS (this service only for aboard)

The delivery of kittens is subject to development, growth, health and socialization of each of them in particular. We will never deliver a kitten before its 16 weeks of age to outside of UK.


Sometimes we prefer to wait longer, until we are absolutely certain that the kitten is ready to move into its new home.  


Kittens are always delivered in person in our cattery or we can send them through specialized transportation companies to avoid any experience that could be traumatic for cats. Their welfare is extremely important to us.


Together with the animal, we deliver the following:


  • Vaccines appropriate for its age

  • Deworming and Deflea

  • Implanted microchip

  • Castration of the kitten (Spayed/Neutered Kitten)

  • Registered with TICA

  • Buyer’s-seller’s contract signed by both parties

  • Advice on how to take care of the cat throughout its life

  • A new carrier ( extra charge)


We live in Worcester Park in south west of London

By Public Transport: you can take a directly train from victoria station/ london bridge station/ waterloo station/ wimbledon station / clapham junction station.  you also can take a bus 213/ 151 . 

By Car:  it is easy to drive to FLAMINGPHOENIX Siberian Cattery, we are close to M25. 


At FLAMINGPHOENIX Cattery, kittens as a pet cost £2300 . For breeding/TICA show quality kitten/cat, please message me 

Our price reflects the high quality and guaranteed cares, selection and pedigree of our kittens. We guarantee, by contract and relevant documentation, that all of our cats are of unrivalled pedigree, in excellent health, and that from birth they have received the best food, care and attention possible for each specific phase of their growth. They have received the maximum possible love, respect, and dedication 24 hours a day.

We only breed from 0,0% inbreeding cats to have healthy kittens. 


Our cats are sold as pets - that’s why they are delivered already castrated (spayed and neutered), dewormed, vaccinated and with a microchip. All these veterinary costs are already included in the price.

All of our cats are  registered with TICA (The International Cat Association).

We don’t normally sell to other breeders. We do this only if we have sufficient guarantees that the line that is breeding is of excellent quality, just like ours. Our love of our Siberian cats is not simply for commercial reasons, we need to know that they will be going to good homes. 

We don’t sell cats indiscriminately; we like to know more about our prospective buyers to be sure that they would be able to take care of one of our very special kittens. 

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