D.O.B:  26 May 2018

Color: Red spotted tabby

A lovely girl named Shimmer who came from a nice Italian cattery , register with TICA (The International Cat Association) and WCF(World Cat Federation ),  she has lovely red coat, she is very elegance and friendly , good with dogs and cats, also good with all age's kids and babies.

Her Daddy has full red coat and mummy has blue torttle spotted coat. They are both register with TICA ( The International Cat Association) too.


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Vlasta Line Ember Flaming Phoenix
D.O.B: 17 March 2020

Color:black gold marble  without a colored gene

She were born from a young parents in Russia, She has a nice head shape and strong body, pretty charming charactor , Peopel that met her all fell in love with her. She is a mummy's girl.  


Play to Win Lucianaurora
Titles: 2021 Triple Grand Champion
2021 Double Grand Champion
2021 Grand Champion
2020 Western Europe Region's Best Blue Lynx (Tabby) Point 
2019 Champion 

D.O.B: 15 April 2019
Color:Blue tabby point (a 21 33)

Amazing boy from a nice Russia Cattery, register with TICA(The International Cat Association) and WCF(World Cat Federation), he is Neva Masquerade Siberian cat,he has lovely blue eyes,big muzzle,nice size ears, heavily bones,round head, strong legs and charming personality. He is a daddy's boy.

Triumph Flaming Phoenix Sibella
D.O.B: 8 March 2021

Color:black marble  without a colored gene

He were born from a traditional colour cattery in Russia, he has a nice head shape, big muzzle and strong body, a very playful boy , we are looking forward to her first litter in 2022.